Mediasuite Online: Preferences - Tools


Select custom/user-defined filters in the Tools tab of the Preferences Window. Filter allows each provider to setup their own filter preferences.  

  1. Go to Go to menu > Preferences

  2. Click Tools tab

    1. Colourise: Select your preferred colour from the available drop list

    2. Show Emboss Dialog: Untick to disable the Emboss options dialog

    3. Filter Setup: 

      1. Filter: There are up to 4 user-defined filters available. These filters are PROVIDER specific. That means each provider can set up filters according to his/her individual preferences.

      2. Hot Key: A hotkey can be assigned to each of these filters (Eg. F2 is assigned to the Filter 1)
      3. Caption: Changes the filter from Filter 1 to the defined text (eg Flipped)
      4. Click Setup

         Convert to greyscale   Converts the image to a black and white greyscale image
         Convert to 8bit   Converts the image to an 8bit colour image
         Negate   Creates a negative image
         Auto Contrast   Performs an Auto Contrast on the image
         Equalize   Converts the image to a desired setting
         Median  Converts the image to a desired setting
         Despeckle  Removes speckles from the image
         Noise  Adds/removes noise in the image
         Smooth  Smoothens the image

         Sharpens the image

         Brightness  Increases/Decreases brightness of the image
         Contrasts  Increases/Decreases contrast of the image 
         Gamma  Increases/Decreases gamma of the image 
         LL/UL  Increases/Decreases luminosity of the image
         Auto LL/UL  Automatically adjusts the luminosity of the image 
         Use Power  Controls the intensity of the Auto LL/UL filter
         Orientation - Rotate  Rotate the image a pre determined degrees
         Flip Horizontally  Mirrors the image horizontally
         Flip Vertically   Mirrors the image vertically 
         Reset  Reset the filters to the default settings
         Test  Previews the setting
         Reset Test  Restores the Image
         OK  Click OK to close the window
    4. Customizable text annotations setup (dentist annotations)
      Mediasuite allows for four tools to create user defined text annotations. This allows for text annotations to be created once but used numerous times without needing to create again.
        1. Text annotations: Select from one of the four options
        2. Hot Key: This is a keyboard shortcut to add the text annotation to an image (eg CTRL+C)
        3. Caption: Enter a heading for the Customizable Text Annotation
        4. Click Setup:
          1. Write any text to display on an image 
            1. Click Text Attributes to setup fonts, size, colours
            2. Click OK
        5. Click OK
        6. The Customizable Text Annotations can now be added to the image and also with the Hot Key
  3. Click OK
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