Mediasuite Online: Preferences - Application


Divide all population of pictures into several Media Categories.

  1. Go to Go to menu > Preferences

  2. Application tab

  3. Image display 

    1. Activate Windows Smoothing: Turn on Windows smoothing OFF/ON 

  4. Display on object icons

    1. Tick which data is shown under thumbnails in Mediasuite

  5. Internet upgrade reminder / Production

    1. Not relevant in CMSuiteWEB

  6. Names of exported objects

    1. Tick which fields to use when naming export files/image 

  7. Tooth Numbering 

    1. Select which tooth numbering to use in Mediasuite 

  8. User Toolbar Global Settings

    1. Select from the drop list

  9. Media Categories 

    1. There are 6 default categories

      1. Cephalometric pictures

      2. Intraoral pictures

      3. Intraoral video-picture

      4. Panoramic pictures

      5. Digital Photos

      6. Documents

    2. Click Add/Delete Media categories 

  10. Image changes update

    1. Update on the mouse stop: Apply changes when mouse stops or not moving

    2. Delay's: Select seconds to delay the mouse 

  11. Click E-mail settings

  12. Click OK


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