Mediasuite Online: Capture an Image


The Capture option allows connection to different devices for tooth shooting to the Mediasuite.

Once devices are connected to the system, they will be displayed In the MediaSuite Scanner window.

  1. Click Capture using Client Scanner icon

    1. The 'Client Capture' will start the 'MediaSuite Scanner' window
    2. Select your device name. Example: IP Image Acquisitionmceclip0.png
  2. Follow steps according to the device instruction:

    1. A counter box may appear while the device interface window opens. This screen is normal. If the counter continues to count upwards for longer than 20 seconds, the interface window may be automatically minimised on the taskbar

    2. The device interface window will appear onscreen. Follow steps according to the device instruction. Example: CS7600 device
    3. When finished the 'Client Capture' window will commence transferringmceclip2.png
  3. The image/s will be presented in Mediasuite for processing

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