Build a Treatment Plan Case Presentation for a Patient


With the feature activated, when items and visits are added to the Treatment Plan, the Case Presentation will build.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment Plan page

  2. Enter item numbers

  3. Specify Visit(s) and Phases if relevant, Visits are a requirement even if only one is set

  4. See the Case Presentation section showing items broken down by visits and phases if applicable (use the scroll to move up and down to see all visits/ phases)

  5. Each section of the Case Presentation can be labelled and notes can be written, it is not required to add details to each, however the more information added, the better the case as they can be added to the letter via input fields

    1. Title: Double click and enter the name of the presentation, e.g. Dr Sophia

    2. Phase #: Double click and enter the name of each phase and notes if applicable, e.g. Complete Examination

    3. Visit #: Double click and enter the name of each visit and notes if applicable, e.g. Exam & Xraysmceclip1.png


Create Treatment Plan Case Presentation Templates

Activate Treatment Plan Case Presentation



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