Mediasuite Online: Annotations - Dot Text Annotation


Create a dot with a text field in an image.

  1. Double mouse click on the required object in the left part of the screen  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to Tools menu > Annotations > Dot Text Annotation

  3.  In this text field, the description or diagnosis entered with a dot can specify an exact spot in the picture which the description applies to

    1. The letter D appears. 
      1. Click on the area where you wish to add the dot.
    2. In the 'Set Text Attributes' window, type text
      1. Click Update Text: Saves a written text in a text field on the image
      2. Click Text Attributes:  Select text parameters, such as styles, font, size, colour, symbols etc
      3. Click OK
  4. Confirm dot placement by a mouse click


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