Mediasuite Online: Print Studies Only


This option allows a whole study to print as one printout without printing the individual images that exist within the study.

1. Go to Go To menu > Print Studies Only

Note: User should take into consideration that the properties of printed images are not adequate for diagnostics

 2. In the 'Print' window, select your page layout options:

  1. Page Layout

    1. Templates: Select template from drop down list (default table recommended) 

    2. Columns and Row: Add number of columns and rows (if recommended table is used, print using 1x1 - forces 1 study per page)

  2. Page Margins in mm

    1. Top, Left, Right and Bottom: Add the margins to centre the image on the print out 

    2. Set Minimal Margins: Tick to set minimal margins 

  3. Printer

    1. Print Setup: Select printer

  4. Orientation: Select the orientation of the printout 

  5. Print Range: Add which pages and the number of the pages to be printed

  6. Data

    1. Page Header: Tick which data to show on the print out

    2. Patient Details: Untick to remove Patient details from the Study print out 

    3. Provider Details: Untick to remove Provider details from the Study print out

    4. Title: Add title to the print out 

  7. Image Details: Untick to remove Image details from the Study print out  

  8. Diagnoses: Untick remove diagnoses from the Study print out 

  9. Logo

    1. Show: Tick to show logo on the Study print out

    2. Change Position: To move and/or resize the logo

    3. Click Load to upload the logo

  10. Auto fill all: To fill the images automatically  

    1. Click Print


Mediasuite: Print

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