Table Notes: Clinical Tables and Grids


In addition to clinical notes, extended information can be entered and viewed efficiently for different dental procedures and assessments in the Table and Grid section. 

Data from tables and grids show when previewing clinical notes.

  1. Click the navigation menu >  Patients > Treatment and/or Treatment Plan pages

  2. Against the relevant item, click in the Nt column

  3. In the Treatment Notes window

    1. Click Table Notes tabmceclip0.png

    2. Select the relevant table/grid to view
    3. Place cursor in field and enter information, press tab to move between fields

For more details on each table, click on the relevant link below. 

Endodontic Clinical Notes Table/Grid

RCT Clinical Notes Tables/Grids

Implant Clinical Notes Table/Grid

Surgical Clinical Notes Table/Grid

Ortho Clinical Notes Table/Grid



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