Changed Provider/Staff Details - Audit Trail


The Changed Provider / Staff Details audit trail report provides a history of changes in Provider/Staff details including Title, First Name, Surname and Code in the specified time period.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record toolbar > Audit trails > Changed > Changed Provider/Staff details Report..

    1. Location: Select the location or <Any Location > from the drop list
    2. Dates:  Select the period to base the report on
    3. Category: Select the relevant category (Provider, staff or All) to base the report on
    4. Staff Members: Select an individual staff member or <All> to see who made the changes
    5. Show Deleted Users: Tick to include past employees/users
    6. Click OK

 Report Detailsmceclip0.png


The date and time the details were changed

 Old Details

The original details

 New Details

The changed details


The employee/user who made the changes.
 Unknown will show if security is not on for modifying these details.

Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions
Set Security Permissions


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