Changed Appointed By - Audit Trail


The Changed Appointed By audit trail report provides a history of all changes to the staff members who made/appointed the initial appointment. 

Run the Report 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security menu

  2. Record toolbar > Audit trails > Changed > Changed Appointed By report...

    1. Location:  Select the location or <Any Location > from the droplist if applicable

    2. Date:  Select the period to base this report on

    3. Include entries with no previous “Appointed By”: Tick to include appointments that originally had no appointed by entered but entered later

    4. Click OK


Report Details 


 The date the appointed by staff name was changed.

 Appointed By - Old

 The name of the staff member in Appointed By (prior to change).

 Appointed By -

The name of the staff member in Appointed By (after the change).


 The Employee name and username of staff member who made the changes.
 Unknown will show if no security is on changing the appointed by field.


 The name of the patient who has the appointment.


 The appointment book where the appointment was made.



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