All Patients List


This report will generate a list of all the patients entered in the system with or without treatment.

Report Parameters

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. All Patients List report

  3. Set report parameters

    1. Location: Select from list if applicable

    2. Provider: Select the Provider or All to run the report for

    3. Status:

      1. Main provider: Select to search for patients' names by their main provider

      2. Second provider: Select to search for patients' names by their second provider

    4. Show Inactive providers as well: Tick to include names/number of patients still linked to any inactive providers
    5. Having Email only: Tick to only include patients with an e-mail address

    6. Family Heads only: Tick to only include patients who are set as the family head

  1. Click OK button 


Report Details

The report will list all patients alphabetically and include Card number, address, DOB, Phone numbers and email address if applicable

 Card Number

 Each patient in the system is allocated a unique card number 


 Patients name

 Address, Suburb, Pcode 

 Address details


 Date of Birth

 Phones, E-mail

 All phone numbers and email address












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