Add Patient to Standby List


The Standby List holds all patients who are waiting for an appointment time to become vacant. There are multiple ways to add a patient to the Standby List. 

Standby List Column Explanation

Add Directly to Standby List

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

    1. Sidebar Options > Standby List sub-tab

    2. Click Add

  2. Find the patient using the find feature

    1. Click OK

  3. Enter details in the Stand By List relating to the appointment this patient is waiting for

    1. Click Exit

Add from Existing Appointment

If moving the an existing appointment to the Standby List, information from that appointment will automatically populate the columns.

Existing appointments can either be copied or moved to the Standby List. 

  • Copy: Generally used when the existing appointment will remain and the patient will go on standby for something sooner if possible. 

  • Move: Generally used when the existing appointment will not proceed and the patient will go on standby for another date and time. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Right click on the relevant appointment > Copy/Move to Standby List

    1. Add reason and notes if required. 

  3. To open the Standby List go to Sidebar Options > Standby List sub-tab

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