Add a New Payment Method


This article explains how to add Payment Methods in D4Web. It is recommended that only accepted payment methods are shown when processing a payment.

When adding a new payment method, it is recommended to mimic the setup of a similar payment method in the list.  

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > System Tables page

  2. System Tables: Methods of Payment 

  3. Click Add and enter information in the new row

    1. Method of Payment: Enter the name of the new payment method

    2. Notes: Enter a description of the new payment method

    3. Group Type: Select the type of payment method this is

    4. Type of Bank Slip: Select the type of bank slip the method will be associated with

    5. Show in Report: Select if the payment method should show in reports

    6. Show in Drop List: Select if the payment method should show in list when processing a payment

    7. Sort Order: Select the order the payment method will appear in the drop list when processing a payment

    8. Payee Type: Select if a Standard or Insurance payment

    9. Can be replaced with another paym. method: Select Yes

    10. Can replace another payment method: Select Yes

    11. Allow Modify of Details in Receipts: Select Yes it isn't necessary

    12. Description for Reporting: Enter the name of the payment method to appear on reports

    13. Surcharge Item: Select the relevant item to charge a surcharge for this time

    14. Surcharge %: Enter the surcharge percentage


Remove Payment Method from Payment Drop List

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