Add a New Family Member from the Patients page


Family files are required to manage and create family appointments and invoices.

There are two options to add a new patient as a family member.

In Patient Details

Use this method if the new patient does not require an appointment at the time of creating.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Patients page

  2. Find the head of the family:

    1. Click Find icon mceclip0.png

    2. Enter the name of the existing patient (head) you wish to link the new patient (member) to

      1. Click Find

    3. Highlight the correct patient listed below the search fields

    4. Click OK

  3. Next, Click the New Member  toolbar icon 

    1. Enter the new patient’s details in empty fields of the newly created file

 The newly created patient will now have a Status of Family Member mceclip2.png

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