MediaSuite Online: Open and View 3D Volume


A 3D volume can be opened in all the same ways a 2D image can be opened from Dental4Windows and Mediasuite.

 There is one exception.

In Mediasuite if the thumbnail is dragged to the main window, the 3D volume will not open in 3D mode.

  1. Double click on the thumbnail to the left to open the 3D volume to view

Used to display 2D or 3D images e.g. have 2D images open to correlate to the 3D image.  “X” in red box closes the 3D window

Displays details of the volume, can be minimised by dragging the left edge to the left.


Restores settings to their original settings

Applies Auto Contrast\Brightness tool

The Contrast and Brightness of the image can be manipulated by left-click-hold on the image and moving the mouse up and/or down.  Up movement will adjust Contrast Down movement will adjust Brightness. The “C” and “W” counters show the current values of Contrast and Brightness respectively.  These values can also be adjusted using their up/down arrows.

Used to set zoom of display to “Best Fit” or “100%”


Shows current zoom setting.  Zoom can be adjusted by moving the slider to the left or right

Enables navigation of the volume “slices” by moving the slider left or right.  The arrow buttons can be used to move to the next or previous “slice” of the 3D volume

Pressing this button will invoke “Autoplay” mode, whereby the slices are displayed sequentially.  There are 6 speeds, 0 (stopped) to 5 (fastest), these are controlled by mouse keys, left for faster, right for slower.  The speeds will cycle 0-5-0 ...  To stop “Autoplay”

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