MediaSuite Online: Import 3D Volumes


DICOM 3D volumes can now be imported and viewed in Mediasuite Classic.  Volumes can only be viewed, any changes made during a session will not be saved.

  1. Make sure correct patient file is open

  2. Click Media Menu > Import > 3D

  3. Select the 3D volume to be imported

    1. Click Select Folder
  4. If there is a mismatch between the patient name in Mediasuite and the 3D volume, a warning message will come up giving you the option.

    1. Click Yes to proceed 

    2. Click No to cancel the Import

    3. If Yes is selected or if the patient names match the 3D volume that's imported, the 3D Volume will now be visible in the patients file can be opened in MediaSuite to view
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