Mediasuite Online: Acquire Images With Mediascan


Once Mediascan 2 has been installed, images can be acquired.

  1. Ensure the plate is correctly inserted in to the sleeve

  2. Take the x-ray, leave the plate sealed in the protective sleeve to reduce exposure to light

  3. Click on device icon in Mediasuite

  4. Wait for device to connect and become ready

    The Capture Interface shows the plate count, plate serial number and Mediascan IP address

    1. Tick Corner Mask to apply a black filter around the image plate.

  5. Remove plate from the sleeve, place plate on the tray sensitive side up. Place as per the below image. Do not cover the notch at the front of the tray

  6. Wait for the Mediascan to recognise the plate, it will show the size and two arrows

  7. Gently push the tray in to the device with two fingers as indicated by the arrows until tray is pulled in by the unit. Remove fingers from tray as soon as the tray is pulled in to the unit. The plate will be scanned and erased
    mceclip5.png      mceclip6.png

  8. The scanned image will be previewed on the display. The tray will then exit he unit. Remove the plate and place in to a new protective sleeve. Repeat for any subsequent x-rays.

  9. When all plates have been processed, close the capture interface by pressing the exit button

  10. Process image/s in Mediasuite as usual


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