Mediasuite Online: E-mail Settings


Images can be e-mailed from Mediasuite. The e-mail settings need to be configured correctly.

  1. Go to Go To menu > Preferences

  2. Application sub-tab

  3. Click E-mail settings

    1. User Windows Default E-mail Client: Tick this if you are going to use the installed e-mail client (eg Outlook)

    2. User Location setting: Tick to use location setting, otherwise global settings apply

    3. Click OK

Outgoing E-mail Client Settings

  1. Basic Auth Option for E-mail Setup

    1. Server Internet Address: Enter Internet provider SMTP server address

    2. Server Port Number: Enter the SMTP Port Number

    3. Select SSL or TLS 

    4. Server Timeout (sec): 60 (default)

    5. Server Login: Enter server email address 

    6. Server Password: Enter server password

    7. Sender Mail Address: Enter practice email address                                  

  2. OAuth2 Option for E-mail Setup

    1. Select Provider from menu

    2. Enter E-mail address

    3. Click Authenticate

    4. You will be directed to page of Provider selected to sign in

    5. Once e-mail address has been authenticated return to MediaSuite

    6. Click OK

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