D4Web New Feature Release Build: 24.202 DB5531


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 24.202 DB5531

Limited release from:  7/2/2024           General release:  13/2/2024


Previous New Features Article

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D4Web New Feature Release Build: 23.1116 DB5429


New Features 

Appointment Book fortnightly / alternating weeks templates

The Fortnightly/Alternating Weeks feature allows the user to customise the book setup for a Week 1 and Week 2 template.

Click here for instructions

New Perio Measurements added

Added Recession, Clinical Attachment Loss, Plaque, Calculus recordings.

Click here for Perio Measurement Explanation

Scheduled Reports

Schedule Reports is a feature that allows for reports to be automatically generated and saved/printed/e-mailed to a selected location/printer/recipient.

Click here for instruction articles. 


Enhanced Features

Show refund notes: Any notes written while processing refund will been placed in the notes column with the refund item. 

Click here for refund article

Items: Estimated time to complete. Individual item numbers can have an estimate duration to complete the procedure. This is to calculated estimated time on some reports and the Treatment Plan. 

Click here for more information

Align Receipt Printing of EPAYMENTS Payment Method as per D4W Classic:  A new General Setting to close or leave open the Receipt dialog after EPAYMENT.

Click here for the General Setting Article

2D & 3D Charting: Show Treatment / Treatment Plan - quick button to hide/show. 

Click here for more information  

2D & 3D Charting: Improved Input speed and response time

Treatment / Treatment Plan: Improved usability and speed

Other: 80+ Optimisations / bugs squashed


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