Setup Provider to only see their own Appointment Book


Setup a provider so they can see only their own Appointment book. Staff will have access to see all Appointment Books


Each provider must have their own book and be linked to the provider

  1. Setup a new Appointment Book for each provider 

  2. Setup a Provider > Link Provider to their Appointment Book 

Activate Feature

Turn on the feature in General Setting (you may require Centaur assistance)

  1. Click on the navigation menu > Location Setup > General page

  2. Group: Appointment Book

  3. Show only authenticated provider in the drop-down lists of the Appointment Book module = Yes 

Setup Book View 

Providers can only see their own books or give access to other providers to see his/her books as well.  

  1. Provider login to D4Web

  2. Click the navigation menu >  Appointments

  3. Open the hamburger menu > Select Setup all book...

  4. Highlight his/her provider book > Select Modify...

  5. Tick For all provider (Note: All providers will be able to see this Appointment Book)

  6. Click OK

  7. Click EXIT


This Security page can only be accessed by users with permission.

The ensure only providers permitted to setup up a book or give themselves access to see other Provider's books.  

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record menu > Select Security Status

  3. Setup (tick) security for:

    1. Setup all books

    2. Providers tab
  4. Remove access

    1. Highlight the group set up for the provider

    2. Select Standard Book

    3. Untick Actions to Setup All books

    4. Untick Providers


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