D4Web New Feature Release Build: 23.912 DB5429


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 23.912 DB 5429

Limited release from:  15/9/2023          General release:  N/A


New Features 

D4Web Agent: New version 3.20

Click here if assistance is required for downloading new version. 

New Report:

Fee level Comparison Report.

New Audit Trails:

Audit Trails: Delete audit trail records

Audit Trails: Delete all notes audit trail

Audit Trails: Deleted eForms report

HICAPS Trinity terminal and HICAPS Connect V4 link: 

Once you have received your HICAPS Trinity Terminal (contact HICAPS if more information is required).

Click here to learn how to Connect the terminal and download the new HICAPS connect V4 software 


Improvements to Fees page ability to export & import fee levels.

Click here for instruction.

Appt Book/eServices:

Allow Appointment Book toolbar "Patients" notification to be clickable and to open eServices Management Console.

Click here to learn how to Manage eAppointment Patient Conflicts within D4Web

Appointment Book Stencils:

Create Appointment Book Stencil Templates

Apply an Appointment Book Stencil to an Appointment Book Template


Enhanced Features

Procedures Done by Providers Report: popup window "Report's parameters" repairs

Patient file: Improve management of large patient photos

Security: Users Activity Monitor - Add a column "App". Shows source of connection e.g, D4Web or Mobile App etc

Periodontal Chart: BLEED and SUPUR measures - also use 0 (zero) key or Delete key as Delete

Letters: When user click CLOSE TAB, D4Web detect changes to text and notifies/Prompt user to SAVE changes

Practice Insights: Access to all dashboards for the "Administrator" is ticked By Default 

Other: 47 Optimisations / bugs squashed


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