eAppointments: Allocate a Promotion to a Provider


Within the eServices portal, promotions can be allocated to individual providers who are offering the treatment.

Note: Before allocating to a Provider, the promotion must exist / be created. See here for instruction. 

  1. Click the hamburger menu icon

    1. Select Practice Management

    2. Select eAppointments Management

    3. Select Providers Reason List

    4. Select the provider

    5. Highlight the reason (eg: Mouthguard Consultation) linked to the promotion

      1. Select the edit icon

      2. Set the duration of the appointment

      3.  Click Participate in Promotion<<Mouthguard Promotion>>

      4. Click Save

    6. The information is now present in the "Active Reasons" list

    7. If several providers are offering the promotion, then repeat the above steps for each provider

  2. If the reason has not been selected for the provider

    1. At Add reason from list

    2. Search for the reason linked to the promotion

    3. Click

      1. Click Participate in Promotion<<Mouthguard Promotion>>

      2. Click Save

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