eAppointments: Create Promotions


If the practice is running a promotion this can be made available within the eServices portal as an appointment selection online.

How to Create a Promotion

Several promotions can be available at once or one at a time

  1. Click the hamburger menu icon

    1. Select Practice Management

    2. Select eAppointments Management

    3. Select Promotions Management

    4. Select +Create New 

      1. Fill in the fields

      2. Name (visible for patients) - Name of the promotion e.g., Mouthguard Promotion

      3. Connected Reason - link the promotion to a reason that has been linked to a provider e.g., Consultation

      4. Description (option, not for patients) - explanation about the promotion. The patient will not see this

      5. Period - Enter a date range. If the promotion is to be permanent, then leave the date range empty. You will be able to suspend/resume it in the Promotions Management window

      6. Pricing - a fixed fee can be selected. This will apply to all providers taking part in the promotion. Or a percentage can be entered, and this percentage will apply to the fee for each provider

      7. Select Save

    5. If the practice is running more than one promotion at a time, then follow the steps above again for additional promotions


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