D4Web New Feature Release Build: 23.525 DB5393


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 23.525 / DB5393

New Agent 3.19 is also available. If you require instructions to download Agent, click here

Limited release from:  5/6/2023        General release:  N/A (limited release only)


New Features 

Standard Report added to D4Web

Location Fee Level Comparison Report

BIM Report added to D4Web

KPI-01 Report

Set Treatment Without a Plan Rules

When treatment planning, some item numbers are not considered as part of a plan so should be excluded from the section of the KPI-01 report that identifies the quantity of treatment items performed without a treatment plan. Click here for instruction on how to set those items to exclude. 

Print Appointments Labels/Card

Print patient’s next appointment(s) to a label, which can be attached to a business card. Click here for instructions

Prompt to enter Mobile number on New Patient Creation

When creating a New Patient within Appointment Book or Patient page, D4Web will prompt user to Enter a mobile number or assign no mobile to the patient file. Click here for instructions

eServices New Features Release Notes Web Stable 52

Click here for all the latest new features found in eServices portal


Enhanced Features

CMS Online: Improve handling of Launch of CMS Online in separate browser TAB

Perio page: Preparations for New Mediasuite Web (coming soon)

Appointments: Sidebar Options > Time Slots: Max Days Ahead = 999, Max Duration = 1440min  

Patients Page: If user edits the patient Card Number - A message notification appears. 

eChat: Cosmetic design improvements

HICAPS Connect: Version 4

Other: 94 Optimisations / bugs squashed


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