*COMING SOON TO D4WEB* MediaWeb PACS: Text Annotations


The Text annotation allows a single line of text to added to the image

Add Text

  1. Select the Text mceclip0.png tool

  2. Click where on the image the text is needed

    1. Enter the text

    2. Click the Tick to confirm or x to cancel

    3. If the tick is clicked, the text is visible at the selected spot on image

    4. When finished de-select the Text tool

Format Text 

  1. Change colour of text

    1. Click on the text 

    2. Click on the colour icon and select from the available colours

  2. Change the font size

    1. To select font size, click and select from the options in the drop list
  3. Lock the text

    1. Click the lock icon

    2. Click again to unlock

  4. Delete the text

    1. Click the Delete (bin) icon 

      Note: There is no warning & deletion is not reversable

  5. Change multiple settings at once
    1. To change multiple setting at once, click on the Cog

    2. Change colour, font size, font style, add and remove text

    3. Click CANCEL or CONFIRM

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