*COMING SOON TO D4WEB* MediaWeb PACS: downloading & printing with multi-select


Multiple images can be selected for downloading or printing

  1. Hover mouse over the image and click the circle in top right corner of the thumbnail

  2. When multiple images have been selected a band appears at the bottom of the window

    1. mceclip1.png This will de-select the images and revert to the previous window

    2. mceclip2.png Displays how many images have been selected

    3. mceclip3.png Download – see below for details

    4. Open the images in the editor
    5. mceclip4.png Print – see below for details

Multiple download

  1. When downloading multiple images, they are downloaded in JPEG format in a ZIP file

    1. When selected, the following 'Windows' window is displayedmceclip5.png

    2. If Open with is selected, the Zip file is displayedmceclip6.png
    3. If Save File is selected, the explorer is displayed, this allows the file to be renamed and saved where needed
    4. Click OK

Multiple printing

When the Print option is selected the following is displayed

  1. Tick the circled windows to be printed. 1 to 4 images allowed to be printed per page

  2. This widget mceclip2.pngdefines the number of the columns printed per page

    1. Drag your mouse over the squares to select more
    2. Click when required numbered are selected 
  3. The following is displayed

  4. Once the options are selected:

    1. Click Print
    2. If Cancel is clicked, it reverts to the previous window
  5. If the print using the system dialogue... is selected the following is displayed

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