*COMING SOON TO D4WEB* MediaWeb PACS: Import Images

  1. From the IMAGES page:

    1. Select Images from the IMPORT dropdown

  2. Import Images to Study drop list:

    1. Create new can be selected or an existing Study can be selected

    2. Once the option is selected click OK


    1. Or drag and drop from desktop as required, when this done the following will appear

  4. An image can be removed from the import by clicking on the ‘X’ in the top-right corner of the image

  5. When ready to import the images click the IMPORT IMAGES button

  6. The following will be displayed

    1. If SAVE ALL is clicked the image will be saved as is

  7. If needed the following optional meta-data can be assigned to any image:

    1. Charting information can be assigned to an image

    2. The image can be rotated or flipped

    3. DICOM Modality can be assigned (if applicable)

    4. Image specific Notes can be assigned

    5. The image can be deleted

  8. These changes can be made by hovering mouse over the image and clicking PROCESS

  9. To delete Image, click DELETE

  10. When Changes are made, click SAVE

  11. Charting information can be assigned by clicking the appropriate icons

  12. Images can be rotated left (anti-clockwise) or right (clockwise) 90 degrees each time the button is pressed

  13. Images can be flipped (mirror imaged) by pressing the appropriate button

  14. The DICOM modality of an image can be assigned by selecting it from the dropdown, not all options are shown

  15. Image specific notes can be assigned to an image by entering them here

  16. An example of assigning meta-data

  17. Once an image has been saved, it is visible in the IMAGES page and can be edited 


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