*COMING SOON TO D4WEB* MediaWeb PACS: Image Selection


When the mouse hovers over an image, 4 options are displayed

  1. Click the tooth icon to display the image properties


    1. Displays:

      • Charting information – this can be modified

      • Date/time taken

      • Dentist

      • ID

      • Colour depth

      • DICOM modality

      • Notes – this can be modified

      • The arrows (< and >) allow scrolling through the images

  2. Click the 3 dots for dropdown, select to Download or Print the single image

    1. Images are downloaded to Browser’s download folder

  3. Click on VIEW to open the image in Editor for examination and/or enhancement


  4. Click on the selection circle to select multi images

    1. Open in Editor, Printing or Downloading is selected by clicking the appropriate icon

    2. By clicking on “x” it will revert to the Images page with the selections cleared


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