*COMING SOON TO D4WEB* MediaWeb PACS: Images page


The IMAGES page is the default landing page when MediaWeb PACS is opened from D4Web Patient file

  1. Title Bar:

    1. IMPORT: Used to import either “normal” images or DICOM images

    2. NEW EXAMINATION: Initiates CMScan Web to capture images are captured from hardware devices

    3. Provider and Location names

    4. Click on the Centaur Software Logo to show MediaWeb PACS version information, etc

  2. Patient Information and parameters:

    1. Patients Name, Card No and DOB

    2. The mode of viewing images, either Images (the default) as shown or by Studies

    3. From / To: Filters images by date range. By default, nothing specified, all images will be displayed.  Options are:

      1. Specify a from and to date – will display a limited date range

      2. Specify only a from date – will display all images from that date on

      3. Specify only a to date – will display all images up to that date

    4. DATE: Enables the images to be displayed in ascending or descending sequence

    5. CHART POSITION: Filters images by Charting. Pressing “x” will rest filter default. i.e. no filtering

    6. RESET ALL: Resets all Filters to their default settings

  3. X-rays/Images:

    1. Images: Listed individually with the date taken

    2. Studies: Listed in study groups

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