Setup & Send Automated New Patient Welcome messages


Setup an automation schedule so any new patient receives a welcome message once they have registered / made an appointment.

  1. Click the navigation menu >  Management > Automation page

  2. Open the relevant tab, for example Appointments

  3. Add Automation Set & Type:

    1. Click SET
    2. Enter the name of the Set (e.g. New Patients)
    3. Click OK 
    4. With the relevant Set (e.g. New Patients) highlighted
    5. Click TYPE
    6. Enter the name of the Type (e.g. New Patients Welcome)
    7. Click OK
  4. Setup the automated action of this Type via the Set/Type sub-tab

    1. Set Name: Taken from the Set Name you just created

    2. Location: Current location

    3. Highlight Providers to include or click SELECT ALL

    4. Include when: Select the Status to use (eg. N) and when to Include Appointments in automated SMS batch

    5. Exclude when: Select the Status to use (eg. S) and when to exclude Appointments in automated SMS batch

    6. Update Appointment with Status: Once message sent, update the Status so user is aware that a message was sent

    7. Overwriting status: Overwrite a current status with a new one once message is sent

  5. Setup the automated action of this Type via the Reminders sub-tab

    1. Tick Send communication to family head box if you wish for them to receive family member notifications

    2. Order the reminder communication type, so if mobile number is missing then next option is email and so on..

      (Note: ensure templates are setup for emails, letters if those options will be used & leave blank/un-numbered any template option you do not wish to use)mceclip3.png

  6. Setup the automated action of this Type via the Schedule sub-tab

    1. Set the frequency: Select the frequency required by clicking radio button
    2. Set the timing: Enter Start Date, Run time 
    3. Include Patients who have appointments: If selecting Simple radio button then select options from the drop list. If selecting Advanced radio button then use the fields to customise your inclusion requirements
    4. Notifications: Tick box if you wish to exclude sending notifications (automation batch still is processed but notifications are not sent out) 
    5. Control the schedule: remove tick if you wish to stop the schedule
    6. Click APPLY CHANGES to activate/save the changes made to the schedule or RESET CHANCES 
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