Design Recall Letter and/or E-mail template


The following instructions apply to any Mail Merge Letter or E-mail template. 

See Setup Manual Recalls Template for instruction on how to commence setup of a Recall types & templates and how to setup SMS templates

  1. Once within the Letter template:

    1. Mail Merge tab
    2. Within the template place your curser in the position you wish to insert the input Field
    3. Click Add Field to insert Input Fields required from the list available (i.e. Location or Provider Letterhead information, Patient demographics etc)
    4. Repeat steps until you have added all input fields. (You are able to come back and add more if/when necessary at a later stage)
    5. Click OK mceclip0.png
  2. Back in the Template:

    1. Write/edit the template as required

    2. File tab

    3. Save > Exitmceclip2.png

See Input Fields Guide for Automated Recalls for assistance with setting up the Input Fields for the templates


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