D4Web New Feature Release Build: 22.1117 DB5269


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 22.1117 DB5269.

Limited release from 19/11/2022. General release 22/11/2022


New Features 

Reports added to D4Web

Patient List by top paying invoices report

Patients List by Category report

Health Fund Comparison report


Practice Insights

Practice Insights is a Business Intelligence tool for a Dental Business, providing an up to date graphical interpretation of the Business Analysis related to different aspects of your dental practice from the data stored within D4Web.

For links to each Dashboard Instruction Article and some basic Insight Information:

Summary & brief description of all Dashboards

For sites who have transitioned from D4W to D4Web:

Mapping from D4W Practice Analytics to D4Web Practice Insights


TYRO - D4Web Certification

D4Web is linked to and has now been certified by Tyro.

Tyro is an electronic insurance claim system that allows real-time claims and payments to be processed on the spot using a Tyro EFTPOS terminal.

For more information on Tyro service & products, visit: https://www.tyro.com/industries/dental/

TYRO: Setup Terminal

TYRO: Rebate Estimate

TYRO: Process an Insurance Claim

TYRO: Reverse a rebate Payment/Claim

TYRO: Process an EFTPOS ePayment

TYRO: Reverse an EFTPOS ePayment


Keyboard Shortcuts & Icons

A number of new keyboard shortcuts are now available in D4Web. Cheat sheet cut outs can be found here: D4Web Cheat Sheets and Shortcuts


D4W Mobile App 

A new version of D4W Mobile App is now available. Update the App directly from your device.

SMS Patients from Appointments or Patient Details. Instructions D4W Mobile App: SMS Patients 


Enhanced Features

Appointments: Right click on patient appointment and Print > Medical History Form

Document Manager: Upload/download and show files with *.PRO extension

Treatment/Treatment Plan: Search for Item Codes

Security Supergroups: Search for Supergroup name

Speed improvements: in Appointment book & Treatment page

Other: 93 Optimisations / bugs squashed


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