Setup Manual Recalls Template


Each Recall Type can be assigned its own SMS, e-mail and/or letter template within D4Web

  1. Click the navigation menu > Debtors & Marketing > Mail Merge Setup page

  2. Mail Merge Category: Recalls

  3. Select the relevant Recall Type to assign/set up a template for

  4. Letter Template: Click the Edit icon to design the e-mail and/or letter template

    1. Design the template as required for this recall type

  5. SMS Template: Click the Edit icon to design the SMS template

    1. In the Mail Merge tab, click Add Field 

    2. In the 'List of Fields' list select the input field required 

    3. Click OK

    4. Preview the SMS before saving

See Input Fields Guide for Automated Recalls for assistance with setting up the Input Fields for the templates

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