D4Web New Feature Release: Build 22.614 DB5203


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 22.614. DB5203 and higher.


New Features

Update Items for ADA 13th Schedule

As of 01/07/2022 the 13th edition of the Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary will come into effect. Follow instructions in this article to update the items within D4Web.


Appointment Book Cancellation List – Make Notes Editable 

Notes can be added to cancellation records to help manage follow ups. See the Add Notes to Cancellations section of this article - Using the Cancellation List


Treatment Plan Statuses

Activate Treatment Plan Statuses to help view and track treatment plans

Treatment Plan Status: Presented, Accepted, Rejected, Completed


Treatment Plan: Create Invoice for Ortho payment plan

How to Create Orthodontic Payment Plans


OPERATIONS create ICONS dynamically in Charting / Perio / Treatment Plan / Treatment

You can now create custom icons for both Operations and Conditions. Here is how: Create custom Operation & Condition ICONS


xPlain Link

For users of xPlain, link is now available


Enhanced Features

Appointment for Patient Window

The Appointment for Patient window has been resized and updated. The changes are available when Adding a new Family Head, Adding a new Family Member, Modifying an Appointment


Document Manager

Its now possible to download/ upload TIF and TIFF file type 



79 Optimisations / bugs squashed




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