D4Web New Feature Release: Build 22.830 DB5203


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 22.830 DB5203 and higher. 


New Features

D4Web Agent Updated 3.15

The D4web agent will require a manual update. This will only take a few moments to complete. 

D4Web Agent


Time Zones

When running a Multiple location database where the locations are in different time zones to the server, it is advised to enable the Time Zone feature to ensure Automation and Scheduled Reports are generated and sent at the correct time.

Time Zone Adjustment Per Location


Case Presentations

Treatment Plan Case Presentation functions are now available in D4Web.

Activate Treatment Plan Case Presentation

Create a Treatment Plan Case Presentation letter for Patient

Treatment Plan Case Presentation Input Fields

View Saved Treatment Plan Case Presentations


Enhanced Features

Receipts: Predictive text control when entering payment types

Sterilisation: Extended Location ID and QR code scanning character limits

Other: 32 Optimisations / bugs squashed

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