The ADA 13th Item Schedule


As of 01/07/2022 the 13th edition of the Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary will come into effect.

  • To run the ADA 13th schedule switch, you must have had previously run the 11th Item Schedule which is available via the same steps as below.

  • After updating the ADA items schedule, you can then add / update the fees within Dental4Web.

Activate the ADA 13th item Schedule

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Items page

  2. Record toolbar > Switch to ADA 13th Item Schedule

  3. The new items will be added to their relevant sub-categories within the Items tab. Amended items will be updated automatically.

    1. Click YES

    2. Click OK

    3. Once the schedule has been completed, sign out and back into D4Web.

      After switching to the ADA 13th Item Schedule, the menu option in the Items tab will be dimmed and it can not be run again

Add / Update the Fees

  1. To add fees to the new items.

    1. Click the navigation menu > Management Fees page

    2. Select the Fee level

      1. Add a New Fee Period. (starting 01/07/2022)

      2. Enter the fees for those new items
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