Practice Insights: Practice Administration Dashboard


Information includes the number of New versus Existing patients treated, reappointed, recall appointments, cancellations, payment types, discounts & collections.

For data accuracy, ensure appointment cancellation reasons are used, recalls is selected at appointment time when a recall appointment is being made, discount categories are used

For description of features found in all dashboards please read: Practice Insights: Summary of all Dashboards article


Ten charts in this dashboard

  1. Patients Treated

    1. How many UNIQUE patients a provider has treated in that period
    2. Reliant on the Items added to Treatment. The UNIQUE number of patients Existing & New patients) with AT LEAST one TREATMENT item number is entered to the Treatment
    3. Excludes the following: Deleted treatment, Non treatment items & Non reporting items
  2. New Appointments by Patients Type

    1. The number of new appointments by New and Existing patient status
  3. New Appointments by Appt Type

    1. The number of patients treated by recall/non-recall status
    2. Only considers Recall appointments where appointment recall set is used
  4. Rebooked Appointments

    1. A patient who attended and had treatment with a future appointment created on that same daymceclip2.png

  5. Appointment Outcomes

    1. Kept Appointments are appointments that were attended where treatment was entered versus any cancelled appointments. 

  6. Cancellation Reasons

    1. Reasons used when a patient has been marked as FTA/UTA

    2. Use cancellation reason feature for accurate data

  7. Payments by Payer

    1. A breakdown of payers
  8. Payments by Type

    1. A breakdown of payment types
  9. Discounts to Production %

    1. Discount % based on the total gross production during the selected periodmceclip10.png
  10. Payments on the Day of Production %

    1. Payments made % based on the total gross production during the selected periodmceclip11.png


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