Update Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) Fee Schedule 2024


As of the 01/01/2024 new Child Dental Benefit Scheme Fee Schedule is available.  

The new fees can be entered in D4Web manually by either:

  • Typing each new fee against the Child Benefit Scheme Fee Level


  • Importing the fees


Manually updating the fees 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Fees page

  2. Select Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) fee level

  3. Click the Add icon

    1. Enter the start date of the new fee(s) = 01/01/2024

    2. Click OK

    3. Manually update the fees by typing over the existing fees (only items starting with 88)

Import Fees 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Fees page

  2. The Fee level name in D4W must be called Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS)

  3. Download this CSV file to your computer, no changes can be made to this file

  4. Operations menu > Select Update Fees from File

    1. Click Select File for import

    2. Find and select the file
      1. Click Open

      2. Fee Period Start Date: Enter the date the fees will become effective = 01/01/2024

      3. Radio button: Update existing or Add a new Period

      4. Tick box: Adding/Updating Period only when Non-Zero Fees exist

      5. Click IMPORT FEES

        If exceptions are found during the import, they can be viewed/printed by selecting PRINT EXCEPTIONS. Exceptions are any items where the fees were not updated. In this case only the CDBS items (prefix 88) are updated so the other items would be the exceptions.

        1. Click EXIT





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