Processing SA Dental Scheme (SADS) invoices & receipts


In the South Australia Dental Scheme (SADS) there are dental items in which the government will pay a portion of an item's cost and the patient may be expected to pay the balance. 

Once you have setup the SA Dental Scheme you are able to process invoices and receive SADS payments

D4Web and SADS (EDS) Insurance Management

D4Web and SADS (GDS) Insurance Management

D4Web and SADS (GDS) Insurance Management

Process Invoice

The process is the same as any invoice in the system.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page

  2. Enter item/s 

  3. Itemised Invoices toolbar > Select New Invoice Only / Press F2 key

  4. Click OK to the following message

  5. Tick Show extended attributes > Tick Auto allocation

  6. Click:

    1. RECEIVE PAYMENT to go straight to Receipts page to receive gap payment
    2. CREATE to create the invoice.
    3. PRINT to create & print the invoice

Receive SADS Payment 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Receipts page

  2. Receipts toolbar > Select New Receipts...

    1. Payment from select Insurance > SADS

    2. Enter the Amount 

    3. Select the SADS payment type

    4. Ensure the amount is allocated to the correct balance.

      1. Remove tick from Autoallocate Payments and enter the amount against the correct balance if not. 
      2. Click CREATE or PRINT

Printout Formats for Co-Payment Invoices

These printouts need to contain data in respect to the Insurance (SADS) and Patient portions concurrently as shown below:


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