D4Web and SADS (EDS/ GDS/ PDS ) Insurance Management



In order for the system to be able to operate as expected the following are needed:

Setup Specific SADS Item Codes (optional)

Although SADS uses the Australian ADA Item system, some non-standard items have been added and some items have slightly modified behaviours.

These items may need to be added to D4Web if those codes are used in treatment cases.

Setup a Payment Type

Click here for instructions on Adding a New Payment Method

Setup the Insurance Company for SADS

  1. To setup the Insurance Plans (one needed for each of the schedules):
    1. Insurance in View: SADS (SA)
    2. Insurance Plans section. Click Add
  2. Update Insurance Plan Rebate Fees

    1. Insurance Plan details window > Click to enter the New Period Start Date if applicable

    2. Co-Payment is allowed must be ticked

    3. Add the rebate fee against each item 
    4. Click OK

Setup Fee Level

If there is no existing SADS Fee Level in D4W a new fee level needs to be created as per the SADS Fee Schedule.  

Note: Centaur software are not responsible to maintain the fees, please refer to SADS website for Fee Schedules. 

Setup Patient File Fee Level and Insurance

The General Setting Set multiple Insurance Environment must be enabled.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Patients page > Insurance/Various tab

    1. Fee Level: Select SADS 

    2. Insurance Level: SADS


Processing SA Dental Scheme (SADS) invoices & receipts


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