National Dental Plan: Process the Remittance Advice


Once a National Dental Plan application has been approved and activated, an email will be sent with the remittance advice advising of the payment.

Process the Remittance Advice

 Plan number

Reference number

 Customer/Patient Name

The person responsible for the payment plan

 Plan Status

Guarantee or Non-Guarantee

 Financed Amount

The amount the patient has borrowed for the treatment. (Practice's revenue)


The period the patient is taking to pay off

 Humm Fees

Fees for the service - expense to the practice

 Humm Fees GST

GST applied to the fee - expense to the practice

 Funds transferred

The amount deposited into the allocated bank account


Receipt the payment

The Financed amount is the amount that is receipted to the patient.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Receipts page

  2. Receipts toolbar > Select New Receipt

  3. Amount: Enter the financed amountmceclip3.png

Process the Expense

The Humm Fees are an expense to the practice that can be entered into D4W as an expense.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page
  2. Select the item row
    1. Double click on the Expenses cell
    2. Click ADD 
    3. Category: Select NDP Expense
    4. Enter the Fee

  3. Click OK

Setup Expense Category

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