Patient Sign In or Sign Up


Sign In

The patient is required to sign in before completing the booking

Don't have an account?

  1. Patients must Create Account / Sign up when first accessing the site to use eAppointments

  2. Once a patient has signed up; they simply enter their username (mobile) and password to login and schedule future appointments

Patient Sign up

  1. Patients are required to sign up to the site so that their details can be matched with their details in D4W, as well as give them access to schedule appointmentsmceclip2.png

  2. Once the patient has entered their details, they must:

    1. Click Accept terms and Sign Up

    2. The below screen will appear, advising them that a confirmation code will be sent to their mobile number
    3. The patient clicks Send on the above screen
    4. The below screen will appear in which they must:
      1. Enter the code that was sent to their mobile. The code they receive will be used to finalise the sign-up process
      2. Click OK

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