HICAPS Claims Reconciliation Report


This report generates a list of all Hicaps e-payments transactions that have been made for a selected date range.

Prerequisites required for > ‘Hicaps Claims’ Report:

  • Hicaps Terminal

  • Hicaps link from d4web

  • Generate Hicaps claims from d4web

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page 

  2. Select HICAPS Claims Reconciliation Report

  3. Report Parameters:

    1. Period: Select period from drop list.

    2. From/To: Or enter date from – to.

    3. Location: Select practice location from list (for multi practice users only)

    4. Provider: Select All providers or choose the individual provider from drop list

    5. Show Inactive Providers: Tick box if you wish to choose an Inactive Provider

    6. Fund: Select All funds or choose the health fund you want to report on

    7. Display all other claim Statuses: Shows other statuses (e.g. unprocessed.)

    8. Click OK

  4. Report Details

    1. The report is based on your selection in the report parameters

    2. When the report is run, transactions will only appear in the report if there has been claims made in the date range you have selected.

    3. If choosing All Providers, the report will show all claims for each individual provider with an overall total at the end of the report.

    4. If choosing All Funds, the report will show each fund with an overall total at the end of the report. At the end of each health fund there is a subtotal for that fund




This shows whether it is claim or Cancellation etc.

 Date / Time

The date and time of transaction


This shows if it was approved or not


This shows if it is done or cancelled etc


Patient name and card no

 Ins Memb #

Patients insurance number

 Prv ID

Provider ID No




Claim Id no


Claim Amount


This shows if there were any deletions or cancellations




Payment Id no


Amount paid by health fund


Date payment made

 Subtotal for 



The total amount claimed for the selected period for all health funds


The total amount paid for the selected period by all the health funds


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