Insurance Funds and Patients list


A list of patients who belong to the selected Insurance Fund including option to find all patient with no <none> Insurance fund. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page 

  2. Select Insurance Funds and Patients list report

  3. Report parameters:

    1. Fund: Select the fund name from the list or <All> or <None>

      1. Location: Select practice location from list (for multi practice users only)
      2. Provider: Select All providers or choose the individual provider from drop list
      3. First Seen: Select period from drop list.
      4. From/To: Or enter date from – to.
      5. Show Inactive Providers: Tick box if you wish to choose an Inactive Provider
      6. Show totals only: Show total numbers only
  4. Report Details:mceclip1.png

     Insurance fund

    Name of the Insurance Fund


    Patient Card ID, First seen date, Surname, Firstname And the provider code

     Sub totals

    Name of Insurance Fund


    Total number for the insurance fund

     % of total patients

    % total for that fund

     Total patients in Database

    The number of total patients


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