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Agent Setup 

Browsers have an inherent security design feature, not allowing an application (apps) in a browser to access local PC devices or other components (other than Printers) that protects against rogue / malicious behaviour.

"The D4Web AGENT purpose is to allow secure communication to devices via the browser apps."

eg. HICAPS/Tyro, Desktop Scanners, 3rd party Imaging links etc.

Windows protected your PC

Some PCs may encounter this warning:


If this is the case, please do the following:

  1. Click on More Info

  2. In the 2nd window, click Run Anyway

Important Information:

  • D4Web Agent is installed automatically.

  • It also runs automatically when computer is turned on

  • The purpose of the following steps is for use on a "when required" basis 

If Agent is not installed in D4Web on a computer

  1. Click the hamburger menu > D4Web AGENT download

    1. Select Show in folder when download is completed 
    2. Double click the file to start installation
    3. Once installation has finished, you should be able to find it in the Notification area (lower right corner) 
  2. If not, you can find the dental4web.agent from Start menu

    1. Double click or Click Open to launch D4web.agent mceclip5.png

When Agent is not running or an update is needed.

A popup message will appear when D4Web is started

  1. Click the Download latest AGENT link within the messagemceclip11.png

  2. Follow steps in Agent Setup above 

To turn off current version of D4Web.Agent

  1. Go to Notification area 

  2. Right click on the D4Web.Agent icon > Exit

  3. Follow steps in Agent Setup above to reinstall/update

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