Entering Payments with a Surcharge


After a Payment Method has been set up with a surcharge, the surcharge amount will be calculated when a payment is entered with that Payment Method.

  1. Create a receipt with the required Payment Method

  2. The surcharge will be calculated and a message will appear

  3. Click Yes to proceed with the payment including the surcharge amount

  4. Click No to proceed with the payment without the surcharge amount (unless Make Payment Method Surcharges Mandatory is ON)

    1. If Yes is selected, the amount of the payment will be updated

    2. Click Create to save the payment

  5. Two invoices will be created:

    1. The first invoice will include the treatment items performed and the total of the fees

    2. The second invoice will include the surcharge and the fee incurred

  6. The surcharge item will be automatically added into the Treatment tab

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